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I think!

Date Written: September 13, 2017

It started as a drink.

With no intentions, I think!

Or could I tell you were someone I could adore.

You poked and I could tell I wanted more.

Almost overnight you became my closest friend.

There could be more but I never wanted another friend.

So I started to share with you.

Like I have never fully I trusted you.

From nothing to I couldn't get enough of you.

I knew it was trouble but I couldn't wait to be next to you.

Then on night you held my hand, oh man!

My entire being melted couldn't tell if I was a man.

I could have died and it would have been perfect.

The connection made my life of misery worth it.

Our first kiss took my breath away.

Also lost my heart that day.

Cause it shall always remain with you.

And all i can say is thank you.

I'm a better me cause of you.

May every thought is you!

To imagine it all started with a drink.

With no intentions, I think!

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