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Changes of life

Date Written: September 10, 2017

I feel it coming onto me,

And let me free up my mind;

Because this change

Is deeper

Then what I want.


I want to clear some things up,

Make my spirit fly high,

So the spirit can awake.


This new heart of mine is awake.

And God,

You be the guiding point

In my heart.


Release me to Heaven,

As I want to end this life

In something new.


Be the change I need,

Because your faith is deep within my heart.


The love you promise,

Is close in my heart.


Be clear at what is awakened

In this life.



Make melody and seek guidance,

As you draw me closer to your beauty.


Your love is all I need,

Sow it a seed,

And make new,

For what is to come

In this heart of mine.


Our love is breaking me,

Feel the pain

Of the cross

You bare on my soul.


Clearity is all I need.


Your heart is with me,

Free the heart,

And clear the conciece of betray.



This heart is what I want in this life,

Make the new a forest of thought,

And clear what you give me.

Make changes;

So I can better the future

In what I really want

In this life.


Make the clear heart and be awakened,

Leave this world

And clear the heart of old,

And make it free

With the breaking point of silence.


By: Chris Nichols

One comment on “Changes of life”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 10, 2017

    Clearity or clarity?
    Love at breaking point
    Promises unkept
    Simple writing

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