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You are the Sun

Date Written: October 9, 2017

My love for you

Is not a choice

You are no replacment

For some missing piece

Inside of me


You my Love are the Sun.


You Illuminate my world

Bringing warmth with your joy

Bringing clarity with your insight

Bringing an excitement & passion

That only you can ignite


I can not help but to love you..

You challenge me

To evolve to grow

To shine my light

Even if that were to risk

Eclipsing yours


You are giving

You are strong

You are Glorious


My Love you are the Sun


Know this today

And that every day before this

And everyday after


My love for you is Eternal  &  I Thank You.

3 comments on “You are the Sun”

  1. comnpkpillai     October 9, 2017

    My love,you are the sun
    A poem of deep love

    1. Claire Bialek     October 10, 2017

      Thank you ❤

  2. 1historian     October 9, 2017


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