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Love as loss

Date Written: September 24, 2017

Searching for solace in a toxic temple
Fragments of lead climbing through your head
Stones load your coat as you wade through the winter current 
Dancing with the dead on the riverbed
Wanton hanging of the wise pale king
And I see myself

Here we dream in a bed of seamless sleep
The rain never wakes you from your descent
Sinking through subtle waves that disguise the current down below
You're pulled in the undertow
Intricate- I watched the world dance inside your head
Ephemeral- everything created must expire
Misery- losing hope for a dying world, or did we lose hope in ourselves, my ineffable?

Words lose sound with every fathom, further down

Torn between two worlds floundering in a state of metaxis
One is waning one is dead
In both, we feel too much
We feel too much



One comment on “Love as loss”

  1. sunburned     September 24, 2017

    Awesome scenario

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