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Torn Pages

Date Written: September 24, 2017

A reader

Vigorously flips through her pages

Skimming for only the good chapters

and the highlighted yellow text

Hmmm, he puzzles


The author

Wait, that is not how you read her

This one is special


She has turquoise watercolor marks from

the ocean on her cover,

You see?

And a rosé gradient from

the sunset on her spine


The good chapters are there because of

the bad chapters

And the sections between the yellow lines

are actually golden


If you give me a chance, allow me to put

you into these pages

Be a part of her story


Give me time, says the author

The past pages

They will resurface in the future

And you will know of her

The way she was meant to be read

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Image Torn Pages A readerVigorously flips through her pagesSkimming for only the good…
by Coco Fran
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