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Poem of a death maiden

Date Written: September 23, 2017

I was rich and I was never a bride, but I really did enjoy my life.
I was never engaged, I never gave birth to a child, but I still made the best of my life.

I sacrificed my freedom to help the poor, I wrote books for children like Nolan Moore. The people called me "angel", I have donated all my money. And everytime I saw an homeless man, I gave him bread and honey.


I liked my life, although my parents weren't happy with me.
My dad always wanted a son, I hated mother's spending spree.
They said I should marry a man, that's a normal thing to do, but I never really wanted to marry, it sounded weird but was true.

I didn't leave a child behind, I don't have any descendants.
But I never needed a husband's permission. I loved my freedom and independence.
I don't have any inheritance, but left a remembrance for posterity.
And through my acts my spirit will remain eternally.

The community build hospitals with my money, the homeless will never forget the taste of my delicious honey.
The poor will never forget my helping hand, I will be remembered until the end. 

Although my mother regretted my birth, indeed I did a lot for the earth.


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Image Poem of a maiden I was rich and I was never a bride, but…
by Colette
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Image Poem of a death maiden I was rich and I was never a bride, but…
by Colette
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