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Hell Incarnate

Date Written: September 12, 2017


what doesn't kill you make you wish it did

and in those moments when your heart

dies and there's nothing left, hell speaks

to you. Then you realize your

true place. you learn that your suffering

is your power, you can walk the

plains of hell and survive, because now

you are death, hell bends to your will and

you discover that you can control it, you

start to wield the power of hell and it gives you

infinite power, you start to crave pain, misery,

sadness. you become the master of hell.

The demons of hell run and when you walk

Hell follows, you become the avatar of death

The light cannot touch you for there is nothing

Left to touch. Your soul hardens and your blood turns to poison and your bones become black. Your mind dies

And you lose yourself. Your every nerve seems to be set a flame and pain ruptures through your body, every nerve dying, pain radiating through your head. Then hell speaks with you, a faint whisper in your head promising power. All you do is have to accept the darkness, let it fill your body, your mind and your soul. Welcome the darkness as your friend, as your ally. If you let it in it will give you strength, a strength beyond anything you have ever known. You don't have to be alone, you don't have to suffer anymore. Let the darkness rule and you never have to worry about being alone. You accept and then a shadow floats to your chest filling you with raw power and fury, turning you into the monster you fear, your whole body explodes with pain and yet you don't feel it, you feel bliss and pleasure welling within your body you feel a heat within and you realize the fires of hell are filling your heart with heat, making it beat again. You fall to the ground and then you realize you feel everything, you feel the world and everyone on it. You can feel their sorrow and their pain and it gives you power you feel stronger than you ever have been and you sprout wings of darkness. Then for the first time in your life, you feel the wrath and the powers of hell, then you slowly realize,


You are death and destruction

you are hell incarnate

One comment on “Hell Incarnate”

  1. Amber Brown     September 12, 2017

    I loved it! It really speaks to me! Please continue to write!

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