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Date Written: October 19, 2017

I contemplated, like Coldplay, getting inked

Not at the start, in our coy play, or the season of the winks

But later on, a big one, your name right across my chest

For then, I needed no “S”, I was your hero, when not even at my best

And we both agreed, that we’d fooled them all, and made it to paradise.


I contemplated getting ink, when for you I’d bleed myself dry

And we’d lay and stare at a star-filled sky

Oblivious of our bedeviling faults to be

And of the awaiting real-life realities


Seasons passed and inevitably, we grew up

And realized that true love, like most truths, was much nuanced

Then, to our union, entropy and decay, come unannounced

And thus, we were perturbed, by the cold nights and the long fights

Until eye to eye, we no longer could align our sights


I contemplated, like Coldplay, getting inked

Oh, what a thing to do!

For a reminder I would have, right across my chest

Of the pain and hurt that overtook love, trust, and the rest


I now recall, with a wry smile, and I’m forced to confess

It probably was, but a youthful rush of blood to the head!


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