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If I were your Dad…

Date Written: September 6, 2017

If I was your Dad, I would be so proud

At times you remain quiet or sometimes being loud.

I'd had watched you as you grow

To be all you can be…

I'd hope others could see in you, a glimpse of me.


I'd hold you when your hurting

compfort you when your sad..

Love to hear those words

"I'm glad that your my Dad"


But even if I didn't hear them

I think the look in your eyes

Would be enough to hold on

When we said our lifelong goodbyes


Off to camp, then off to springbreak

Then off with your special loved one

on a trip or, on a date

and off to get married, off to another state.


I'd send a letter as often as I could

I'd tell you that I loved you

Just because I could

You might not write back quite as soon as I think

But the love we have between us

would be solid I surely think.


I'd hope no one would come between us

I hope we know each other that well.

No matter any philosphy

Or anyone or anything they'd tell.


If you heard a lie about me

Well. I'd hope you believe in me enough

There's nothing we couldn't work out

Sometimes in life there's hard stuff.


But when life is it's hardest and you

didn't know what you should do..

Know I've been in your place

and I had to make decisions too.


Some things make no sense

Our directions go amuck

Sometimes your mind jets tired

and well you just don't give a f$%&.


But when the sun sets and the day is far behind

I've fallen on my knees and I've got you on my mind.

Not because I think your a sinner

But because I've been your age before.

Oh my child how important

is the how to's and what for's


I hope when you kneel down

You'll mention your ole Dad

Cause things don't get much easier

whether you're a grandpa or a Dad

Whether you're a grandma or a mother

a sister or a brother

or a special one to another..


Oh If I was your Dad.


Maybe your Dad wasn't there or maybe

He died when you were young.

Maybe you don't know what it's like

to be a daughter or a son.


Just maybe your not knowing

could have worked out for your good.

Cause you know what it's like not having

a mother or a Dad…

And you can be something that person would never have…


Life is real if we stop and listen well

and you can be someone special

to a senior or a lad..

Love is in demand everywhere we go

and the love you let out 

May be the only love they know.


If I were your Dad….I'd be glad..



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