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Date Written: September 25, 2017

Have you ever had to make a decision so hard

You dont know what to do

And had to leave behind something that once 

was a major part of you 

into the depth of dispair tainted and blue

lost, alone, confused 

Is it love lost 

or the absence of what was 

An dying flame of devotion,

or just a love sick man being fed bullshit 

and fake emotions 

could it all be real?

this love i feel.

Maybe not alone 

just confused….

Maybe not lost

just abused…

I want to believe its truth 

With all these things we been thru 

You are still here telling me I love you.

to be made simple 

I was insecure about some issues

But I glad you dont hate 

even with all rights to

How did i ever end up wirh someone as 

perfect as you?


Have you ever had to made a decsion that you've

come to regert.

hearts broken over love sick threats

Intention where never to harm or forget

Always to love…..and only to protect.

Sometime we get upset but thru it all it's not

hard to admit 

that i love so large til I sick 

who to trust when i couldnt trust my mom 

I didn't know how to commit with these 

and the scars

Left deep wounds unhealed in my heart 

Ravaging my soul and tortured my mind 

Unlucky to be alive and so broken inside 

Desperate for love til I forgot to love myself……


Have you ever made a chioce

and after you were so relieved 

so full of joy and you can finally breath

at ease with the world 

for finding inner-peace.


                                             By @a_conscious__Mind

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