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Body and soul

Date Written: September 23, 2017

Body and Soul


Soul- as said is, belongs to God

Permanent companion of body

Till heart is beating and brain is alive

The important question arise

Why God gifted soul- to living bodies?

Why soul is an important part of body existence?


May I try to answer, I think,

When human was designed

Freedom of thought and action was allowed to human

Late- some time

God developed doubt of human intensions

God felt the need to safe-guarding human actions

So He implanted Soul in each living

To guide and warn him at his wrong thinking

So that His WISEST CREATION human- always act like a human wise

Particularly when he wished to go wrong

Soul rings the warning bell and guide

Humble accept soul’s guidance- his inner voice

Satan goes own way- master of his own mind.


When soul have harmonious relation

It continue to expand day by day

It gives a meaning to life and

His reward is- Peace of mind.


Dev Nischal






3 comments on “Body and soul”

  1. Joeys Wonder Girl     September 23, 2017

    Beautiful, wow! 🙂

  2. River.Ophelia     September 23, 2017

    thank you

  3. sunburned     September 23, 2017

    Good and flowing

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