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Beneath the Wings of Love

Date Written: September 9, 2017

"Ways of shadow night,

Hays of hope and foe,

Righteous indeed that grows,

Will you remain as what i know?


Lighted with path of hope,

Darkness is a shield of truth,

Will you embrace my sorrow?

I know you will because of destined path anew.


Let the wings spread and shine,

Above the sky into the clouds fo hays,

Your grace will be the one adorn,

And the world will be free from vain.


I seek the rigtheous path,

And find the nightingale of the dark,

But see the chanting clouds of hope,

In the arms that you have."

One comment on “Beneath the Wings of Love”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 9, 2017

    Beneath the wings of love clouds of hope lies with the arms you have.
    Nice expression

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