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Date Written: November 1, 2017

"Fading clues,

Shining hope, 

Ways of the rising sun,

Seeing the truth of who you are.


Footprints that makes you smile,

Shining stars that from above,

Sands that was pure and dignified,

Ye seen then truth of what is inside.


Past that you have,

Bright as the moon above!!

Sorrow that was within your heart,

Never tainted nor been torn the truth of who you are.


Near the shadow of the dark,

You see the fruit of all,

Wait and see the shining stars,

Destiny will evolved at last!!!


Mesmerize the past,

And see the future that you have!!

It is you who have the right to know,

Triumphant creed within in you."



3 comments on “Mesmerize”

  1. Bongani     November 1, 2017

    ”Mesmerise the past and see the future that you have“…it is true
    what you`ve just said…and it makes one think deeply about these
    powerful words. the past can ressurect old wounds that brings
    tears of pain and sorrow…and it can arisen foul mood in one`s face
    when holding on to his failures and negative thinking that forms
    bad effect in his life. So moving forward with hope and positivity
    looking towards the future and what it hold for us….our smiles
    will flourish because our minds are filled with fine thoughts that
    prompts us to embrace our prospects with optimistic tendency.

    So if we believe that everythings will be fine…God will send out
    his help to assist us endure every tribulation we face in life. Always
    remember that we you feel like the world has turned against you.


    1. River.Ophelia     November 1, 2017

      “God will send out his help to assist us endure every tribulation we face in life”
      – nice thought Bongani…

  2. River.Ophelia     November 1, 2017

    beautiful poem…

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