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Old Friend

Date Written: September 7, 2017

I’m sorry friend.

For the pain, we’ve brought each other.

For the tears in your eyes,

And for your fraudulent smile.

But I don’t see you as I once did.

The child that thought he couldn’t live without his brother,

Has become a man, saddened to lose a friend.

The past has come to haunt us one final time.


I want to feel magnificent again.

Second best hurts too much,

And that’s all I feel anymore with you.

I want someone to love me for me,

And not because they love you more.

Old lovers,

Old friends,

New lovers,

New friends,

They were never truly mine,

For they love you most.

Which is why I must say goodbye.


Do not think you are not cherished.

You cross my mind each desperate day.

But life goes on my friend.

And even though I won’t be there,

You will always be with me.

My eyes,

My ears,

My lungs,

And my heart will never be the same.

For the friend I had, made me the man I feel I’ll become one day.


I hope you find love,

And she lets you soar.

I hope you learn to cherish life,

And you can finally live in peace.

Even though we have drifted down different roads,

The lessons we’ve learned will be with us for eternity.

I love you, Brother.



For now.

One comment on “Old Friend”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 7, 2017

    No friend, no lover, loneliness

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