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The Lone Tiger

Date Written: October 31, 2017

Fire. New. Strange. Dangerous.

Fire. Burning. Ruthless. Destructive.

Fire. Pain. Death. Human.


The moon shone on the dense jungle.

Fire, unwanted, disastrous fire, came out of the night.

The tiger hid, petrified, the fire and smoke obscuring its sight.

Escape, nowhere to be found.

The tiger’s cries were drowned.

A new smell. A strange smell.


A snapping noise, made by large, clumsy feet.

The tiger lay helpless, weakened by the heat.

Their footsteps died away,

But the tiger was left to stay.


The tiger woke. It lay silent, covered in ash.

It was silent outside. The humans, gone in a flash.

The tiger’s home vanished, unrecognizable.


There was no more fire.

And there stood the lone tiger.

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Image The Lone Tiger Fire. New. Strange. Dangerous.Fire. Burning. Ruthless. Destructive.Fire. Pain. Death. Human. The…
by ebony.z.d
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