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the boy on a hill

Date Written: September 4, 2017

On a starry night, on a quiet hill
There sat a boy, lonely and still
Who longed for a friend to be by his side
"Oh why am I so lonely?" The little boy cried
He stared at the stars and wished with his heart 
"Please send me a friend never to part"
He started to cry and shed a few tears
But stopped when he heard a voice in his ears
The voice of a girl, so soft and so sweet
He got so excited, his heart skipped a beat
It came from the sky, so gentle and fair
He was sure that there was somebody there
Then all of a sudden, there she appears
She kneels down and wipes away all of his tears
"Why are you crying?" The little girl asked
He answered, "because I don't know how long this'll last"
"This lonesome life, I've had it a while 
So long in fact I forgot how to smile"
The little girl spoke "it's ok to be lonely, someday you'll be happy forever you'll see!"
The little boy turned to her and questioned her this,
"Can you stay here with me? please stay with me Miss"
"Of course I will stay here!" She said
She gave him her hand and he started to turn red
He went in to kiss her and then he awoke.
He started to cry, his tears started to soak.
It was only a dream, too good to be true 
Forever it seemed, he would always feel blue 
On a starry night, on a quiet hill 
There sat a boy, lonely and still

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