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Date Written: October 5, 2017

All i see from above is your eyes
Look to the sun above the skies
I know im not alive but i pray
That you will live day by day
One day we will reunite 
And have so much fun
But together right now isnt good enough for one
In the world is not fair
I know how i died  it made you scared
From all the days ive been gone
Shooting people was what has done
I believe you can make it
Dont hide your emtions and fake it
Just one more time 
I will see you 
Never discuss the pain 
Until the day it starts to rain
Forever and ever i will miss you
But it comes down to face you
All ive seen is you cry
Flying away wasnt my time
But it all ends with a worry
And shame
Having that day where you want to die
But one day you will find peace and shine
I know you can make it
I love you and miss you
But you gonna move on
People see what we dont see
But please make it and youll be free
I know i cant talk
And help you through
But remember that im always with you
Shining bright form ear to ear
I know you can do it dont shed a tear
Forever and always truly there. 
Please just trust me i still will care
Have a good life
I'll be waiting
But its time for me to go
I see you again but not for long
Remember your dreams.
And follow along. 
Somewhere i will follow
Dont judge yourself  or anybody there
Just remember to smile whoever is there 
Take life as it goes
Cuz before it you know it life 
just goes

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