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Purpose and Vision

Date Written: September 21, 2017


When I think of purpose I think of meaning

I think of that wholesome complete feeling

That there is a definite reason why I am still breathing


There is a problem on this earth and I am born with a solution

Not diluted, not clouded but to diffuse confusion

So natural like the wind blows, as the currents of the sea

I know there is a task on this earth that won't be done without me


We grow up dreaming dreams, seeing visions

Infatuated and overwhelmed with the scales of our mission

Missiles sent forth to make a difference

To make change and become efficient


Like missiles, if we allow opinions it can shut us down

Can be so severe it almost turns our world upside down

To the point, we look back on our lives and wonder how?


We are all snipers our reality is down to focus

Let's change our target to positivity and shoot for it

We only got one life one shot


Lets us be the best sniper in our own areas of gifting

For we did not work it but it was given

For the more we appreciate, the less it will depreciate but shall inspire

To put people into action and  ignite the fire


Fan into flame

For there is no other higher name

Who took the cross despising the shame

Took all the beats and endure the pain

Even though we were all to blame


Let us vow as humans to never remain the same

To grow and learn from our mistakes and to not make them again.

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