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Depths of Life

Date Written: October 8, 2017

Here lies the depths of life.

Bright eyed girl facing multitudes of challenges,

she once was a wife,

who unkowningly lived a lie,

she thought she had a lot of advantages.

Instead she witnessed her husband went bye.

Where are the bandages?

They say the truth hurts; but she quickly learned that a lie hurts more. Why lie?


Her world shifted out of place and into a new one.

A old familiar world; where before she knew it she would face even harsher obstacles.

Before she knew it; she felt her old life would be done.

Mixed emotions of rage, pain, and sorrow coming out of her follicles.

Caused her to go a little crazy, everything felt a bit hazy.

She spiraled out of control and caused pain to others,

because her spirit was in immense pain.

Her pain was also her mother's, brother's, and daughters.

This tenacious, vivacious, bright eyed girl refused to complain.

How life was treating her.

Pride only took her so far; so far that she now fights for her freedom.

Oh man her life is quite a stir.

Now she is on her path to discovering her equilibrium.

Despite the shackles she has allowed to be placed on her soul.

No one seems to understand her delirium.

So, she begins to face a depth of life deeper than a bowl.

Only to find herself creating her fearless spirit;

so her daughter's can critic

How she never gave up on her gems.

This was only a portion of the begining of how deep her depths of life

look through a glass lens. 





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No image Depths of Life  Here lies the depths of life.Bright eyed girl facing multitudes…
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