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Date Written: September 21, 2017

There once was a man that was very old and frail

He lived in a house and his skin was very pale

He lived with some rats he kept under his mattress

He used to be a baptist

One night he had an awful fright,

he had sat on a rat and it gave him a bite

Everyone else thought is was cyanide.

The doctors whom found he had died

Thought they would give him a ride

But to the medic's surprise The man was alive

But he was caught in a certain refrain After his experienced pain

Later that night he caught another fright And died on an aeroplane.

2 comments on “Ratouse”

  1. EugeneCromwell     September 21, 2017

    This poem is a joint work between Fredrick Zoller and I, Eugene Cromwell.

  2. elvis sinatra     September 22, 2017

    he makes a pretty picture LOL

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