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Sincerely, you.

Date Written: September 22, 2017

To live; to die; to smile and hide. 

You're so gorgeous, why don't you just die. 

You're so brave, why haven't you given up? 

You're so smart, why is your mind so weak?

You're so honest, why don't you just be fine?


I'll teach you how to fly.


Your words aren't yours, yet they're ingrained,

through sickness and health, you feel that nothing has been gained.

Your veins are throbbing with lies, 

to hide all the trauma, self-destruction and your cries.


I'll teach you how to fly.


You bleed numbness.

You speak sighs.

You hear constant nothings.

You see your despair.


I'll teach you how to fly.


You're in love; you're alone.

You're a fool; so am I. 

You're a black hole; close the loop.

You're you; so am I. 


Take my hand, let's fly.

One comment on “Sincerely, you.”

  1. Amalia Volk     September 22, 2017

    A pleasure to read.

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