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Who shall be the fortunate?

Date Written: October 7, 2017

Once upon a time, on a winter night

A whole wretched tribe was rendered blight
And the sky lamented their plight

Men were enslaved and slaughtered
Women were raped and tortured
Children were abused and murdered


Among the women, there she stood
The queen of the captured tribe
Wearing her resplendent hood

Before her, her soul-mate, the king
Next, her very self, the son
And her eyes’ solace, her sibling

“One of these three, we shall liberate
And two of them we shall decapitate.
Who shall be the fortunate?”

The queen firmly retorted,
“The son, as long as the womb lasts,
The husband, as many as the stars,
But the brother is the first and the last.”



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No image Who shall be the fortunate? Who shall be the fortunate?  Once upon a time, on a…
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