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Date Written: October 24, 2017

The sun was shining just above the horizon 
Darkening a world that needs to enlighten 
The clouds are wisped across the sky, careless
We were together yet alone but all together rebellious

In a world where love doesn’t get you far
I can be the road map if you drive the car
Take me away, take me anywhere with you
This love will always feel shining and new 

I will be your calm, you will be my adrenaline
My words to you are forever genuine 
You are my stars, you guide my way
I crave the sweet things you say

Don't let me go, I swear I’ll never leave
Open your heart and I’ll help you believe 
When the days seem dark and cold
My heart is in your hands forever to hold

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  1. sunburned     October 24, 2017


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