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High hopes , broken dreams

Date Written: September 12, 2017



Lost in this world with nothing bad memories and no happy endings 


Looking in the mirror my mind begins to bend into a different fear


The fear of being alone and unheard 


Listening to music usually thinking the lyrics would make me feel better


Never the less my reflection is horrific 


Toxic to the mind 


As each tear is a lesson


Knowing that I can use my mind as a weapon but this depression has been hitting me since I was an adhesion 


No father to school me when I needed him 


No mother in my life when I needed her 


Sister blind to see the evils of the world letting it seep into her 


No sleep for the wicked but why do they still live 


Do the good deserve to die as the evils begin to multiply 


Why are rapist , murders , and robbers still around


I watched my grandfather get buried into the ground for working hard and supporting a family 


Im to stressed to be living forever recognized as a villain 


I wanted to be so much but I’m afraid I fell in love with the lust 


15 wanting more kicking my dreams of being a rapper out the door 


Stomping my heart till it starts to become flat on the floor 


Momma tells me I should be blessed to still be alive 


Most kids don’t even see 20 and being what they strived for 


With no reason to die for 


I forever complain about my lack of confidence and how far I done came 


Maybe god is playing this sick liil game or maybe the devil would rather me let my foot off the peddles and turn me into something like these rebels who only pick up the metal when ever they got some beef to settle 


While I’m fiddling with my hopes and dreams knowing things would never be what it seems 


May that glory beam gleam to the right path of success .

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