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unforgiving love

Date Written: September 13, 2017

i appreciate the fact you would put this gun to my temple expressing your feelings as would i with a pencle 

as the tears fall down your face 

your is all over the place 

your heart is racing in paces a rabbit cant relate

do you love ? or would you get rid of me 

see i think about the bullet piercing my brain

as you have those feelings of loving me and hating me you cant contain 

i am a stain in your memory

your first and only enemy 

you say our love was apart of our destiny 

i love you so much ill let you sentence me to your own death penalty 

because i understand that i destroyed you mentally 

so pull the trigger carefully 

stop breathing so heavily 

i beg you let my death be pleasently 

she pulls the trigger 

my mind is blown 

my brains are from head to stone 

my undying love for you is still alive 

as my imagination cries

and the memories of us dies…

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