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Wingless butterfly 

Date Written: September 12, 2017




Having passion is old fashion for this day and age


Sex , money and fame is all she wants 


Her mind is a ripple like a pebble to a pond 


As she begins to hate her dark hair and she decides to turn blond 


She is a book but nobody pays attention to the front page 


They skip to the back cover 


Young Spanish and talented but so poorly parented 


Momma working late nights 


Daddy never home since she was an infant he was gone


Mothers trying to provide for her family 


Father in another state with another wife and finally wanted to settle down now that wifey is carrying another life


No father figure 


18 years old and she thinks hood niggas with a itchy trigger finger is better then intelligence 


Her greatest fear was forever irrelevance 


A young mind filled with nothing but arrogance 


Suffering from her worlds of illusion as she is placed in different learning institutions 


She wants to be a lawyer but she changed her mind substituted with stripping 


Gripping the pole for money while people only acknowledge her for what she truly is … a piece of street meat with nothing but dollars on her feet 


Crying at home while her child aint got nothing to eat 


Defeat in her eyes , her belly growing she’s becoming what she truly would forever despise 


Got pregnant while in high school to the popular kid who’s name was Micheal 


See she has been going in a forever cycle of violence and manipulation 


As her life is that song in the club playing on the speakers 


“She’s only good for her ass and tits” or “ he only fucked her cause her pussy good”


But nobody will ever remember those wings she had that suited her 


So they stripped her of her wings 


Now how is something so beautiful suppose to fly 


Knowing she’s a queen 


But a slut in the worlds eyes


2 comments on “Wingless butterfly ”

  1. JessicaMars     September 13, 2017

    You are a Queen irrespective of what the world thinks…What you think about You is of utmost importance. I had 3 kids with no ‘baby daddy’ and I am a success as I think as a Queen 🙂

    1. Fr3shPrinc3     September 13, 2017

      this is a story of girl who commited suicide and lost her way this is not sexsit at all but I do not wanna give nobody the wrong impression I respect everything and everyone , and all women are queens even you , I wanna show the importance love plays in our lives. Most people don’t have love from friends and family and looked upon as something they are not or just an object

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