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Catching the Train

Date Written: October 24, 2017

Subdued brilliance
Spawned from endless patience
The mortal world's reign
Brings me endless grief and pain

No one can help me
It will never set me free
Whatever I do
It will control me there, too

Wherever I go
Pain's the only thing I know
Four walls make my cell
I'm forever by myself

But in my mind, I'm free
No one can take that from me
I'll escape from here
In fantasies, there's no fear

In my fantasies
I own all that I can see
Though outside I don't 
Stay in this world? No, I won't

Why would I stay here?
When there's a place far from here
Better than this place
Full of beautiful stillness

I could flee to there
No longer will I be scared
I will catch the train
Carry me away from pain

I've got my ticket
It's steel, and fully loaded
It will be better
Soon as I pull the trigger

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Image Catching the Train Subdued brillianceSpawned from endless patienceThe mortal world's reignBrings me endless…
by Gaston_Barrio
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