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Jeff the Killer

Date Written: September 22, 2017

Listen close and I'll tell you a tale
About Jeff the Killer, skin so cold and pale
On that fateful night it all began
After a fight, things went out of hand

Jeff was only eleven years old
When he defended his brother, so brave and bold
He stabbed them, punched them, beat those kids to the ground
And that's when he felt that "feeling" abound

The police came looking for them
But his brother chose to be condemned
Jeff was frantic, it just can't be accepted
So when the kids came back, he knew what he wanted

All the other kids wanted pay back
They were all so mad so they began the attack
A kid soaked Jeff with Alcohol and caught him on fire
And at that moment things have gotten haywire

Jeff woke up in the hospital, his face wrapped all around
His parentd and brother were horrified with what they have found
The bandage was gone, now they can see
So Jeff went to the mirror and was filled with glee

His lips were burnt to red, his white so white and pale
His hair, singed, now black and stale
"It's not that bad," his brother had said
"It's not that bad? It's Perfect!" he claimed

His parents noticed he was kind of twitchy
He started to laugh uncontrollably
They all went home thinking everything's okay
But they didn't know it was their last day

That night, his mother awoke from a sound
She got up from bet and looked around
She looked in the bathroom a saw a horrible sight
It was Jeff, her son, holding a knife

Jeff wanted to keep smiling but it looked so bleak
So he carved a smile unto his cheek
She noticed his eyes were ringed in blacked
He looked as if he had been attacked

"I got tired so my eyes started to close."
It was then an idea arose
"I burned my eyelids so I can forever see,
My pretty face staring back at me."

She was horrified and didn't know what to say
When she got to her senses, she slowly backed away
"What's wrong? Aren't I beautiful, mommy?"
"Of course you are, son, just let me get daddy."

She couldn't recognize her son,
So she told her husband to grab the gun
Jeff stood behind and it was too late
"You lied, mommy," was the last they heard him say

In the other room, Jeff's brother awoke to a loud cry
He brushed it off and and just closed his eyes
A strange feeling crept in so he sneaked a peak
And there Jeff stood with his knife and whispered, "Shhh, go to sleep

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Image The Horrible Tale of Jeff the Killer Listen close and I'll tell you a taleAbout Jeff the…
by Geneen.M
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No image The Horrible Tale of Jeff the Killer Listen close and I'll tell you a taleAbout Jeff the…
by Geneen.M
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