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Dry Tears

Date Written: September 29, 2017

The hurt never seems to end in your world.

Who could've known when your eyes beam and your teeth glitter like pearls.

A smile filled with lies to conceal the pain that you hide.

 Colgate smiles are the best,but it never seemed to mend the brokeness inside.

They saw you crying, but no one helped because your eyes were dry.

Fucking idiots! tears don't fall from your eyes alone.

They take the shape of cut marks up and down your arm.

In the shape of dazed eyes from pills swallowed at dawn.

It's crazy how tear stained cheeks is the common alarm to signal the world that something is wrong.

 I would've seen them falling down your face.

Dry tears. 






One comment on “Dry Tears”

  1. sunburned     September 29, 2017

    Sad ,and hopefully all is well for the person. peace!

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