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Message to My Black Gods

Date Written: September 28, 2017

I won't give up on you, nor will I choose another over you. I value the fight in you..how even when all systems and odds are outside your favor, and reach, like a lion you stand on the shoulders of the ancestors that fought before you. I won't give up on you! as you stand brave and bold demanding that society gives you what is rightfully yours, I will be there at your side ready to live, to give, to die for our cause. So come to me my lion, my warrior, my king, my god, lay your head in my lap and rest awhile. Speak to me and tell me what hurts the most. I will forever be your lighthouse in this storm of life…the peace that keeps you overstanding what it is you are fighting for and the love that lets you know you're never alone. I'll never ask you to be anyone other than your authentic self, nor will I ask you to abandon your justifiable ideologies and presuppositions. However, I will ask that you dig deep and give me the very best of what's beneath your your surface. That you respect me as the light, queen, and goddess who's forever in your corner and never punish me for your past choices and mistakes. It is possible even in this cruel world for you to experience real love, compassion,and understanding.. don't grow faint…lean on me..together we can, and together we will.

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  1. sunburned     September 29, 2017

    A lot of drama, wishing all well.

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