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Date Written: September 4, 2017

haiti is levi


1492 we lost power

From Middle East to Africa Israel is conquered

Slaves or not we know damn right we mightier

history unfold 1500s downfall of a nation we got slaughtered

muchwa nan mem balen nan mem se pa wougan ye paske bib la nan mem


whitewashed supreme mind control white over black

1500s they started diminishing our control unity we lack

Michelangelo and Leonardo the art of deception

pope the sixth Caesar Borgia the beginning of our destruction

on our walls white tall blue eye long hair malediction

slavery in motion coast to coast immigration

1600s powered down welcome to the islands congratulations

from the Arabs to Africa Israel in damnation

introduction to reduction Deuteronomy 28 in full intrusion

Greek god allusion letter j invention

new language whooped into your notion cultural seclusion

illusion of greatness Stockholm syndrome transfusion

black man nigger christian Babylon religion

eagle fly high new power European heads up Caucasians

Nephilim reptilians negative RH blood fusion

clean leper demon reaper vitiligo all books Michael Jackson

skin bleaching light skin misconception

lies deception coded bible spiritual confusion

the adulterous shame 1804 freedom voodoo black magic delusion

first nation to rise revolution false hope poverty conclusion

Jim crow human rights Lincoln lynching money loving corruption

stand up tall head high Israelite army king David ancestry

round about perimeter team Deathmatch call of duty full domination

HAITI IS LEVI Israel tribal bombarded explosion

from earthquake to hurricane to volcano heat manifestation

read Leviticus wake up from deep sleep fight the oppression

we done don’t need them warfare gunshot black panther resurrection

knowledge wisdom third eye open broken pyramid no hesitation

America is Egypt Egypt is America united nation transfusion

history stolen identity theft power abruption divine interception

HAITI IS LEVI no one can deny we need to realize all is planned almighty majestic kingdom alive no more sinfulness sin wiped out pollution

obeying the laws back to our roots cracker enslaved pay back a bitch heavenly kingdom induction reconstruction of a nation

Positive mindset spiritual reproduction praise the ALPHA AND OMEGA THRONE TO YAHUSHA YAHUAH WE WORSHIPPING





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Image HAITI IS LEVI HAITI IS LEVI 1492 we lost power From Middle East to…
by Gregory Jerome
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