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Date Written: October 19, 2017

Cheating on a creature 

Is not just seeking a little more fun

Outside of the shell 


Cheating is taking 

A souls heart 

Roughly stamping in on the muddy ground 

Tearing it apart 

Giving it back and expecting 

Blood to smoothly 

Flow through the tarnished arteries and veins 


Hoping that memories

Would  magically go away 

Really ? 


Cheating implements a 

Life of insecure, 

absence of trust and peace at heart 


It creates the  need to play on the safe side 

To escape the pain and tantrums of being 

A victim .


The bags below a victims eyes 

Make everything so visible 

Making their "I am fine" line very useless 


Cheating should be illegal .

Because, it leaves a victim emotionally dead.


-Michelle Sithole



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