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Don’t cease

Date Written: October 15, 2017

Don't cease 

Your lips surround my lips .

Our hearts beating as one 


All I desire is to touch your skin 

No, not your clothes 

The collection of your tissues 

Tempted to tear your clothes 

Just because, I want you 

No, not your clothes .


Once I do, I take advantage 

Rapidly loosening my 

Cotton-made body cover 

Allowing my fixed brain to steadily

Adjust to what I'm about to do 


You make everything simple 

With your rough-soft touch 

On my fragile skin 

Making every piece of mine weak 

Thinking about you the following weeks 

Wondering if you use caution,

When it comes to love

It's working 


Sweat dripping,

Down your face unto me

Makes everything worse 

It makes you a trillion times exotic 

Certainly makes me uncease

Gluing myself unto you


How can something so painful 

Give the best feeling? 


Exploring my body 

Like a garden being observed 

Gardens too, like observation you know 


You distinguish it in 

More than a single way 

You either make love to me 

Or your ingest me 

In and out, in and out .

Rapid breathing 

Exhalation takes the cake 

A million vulgar language 

Are much more relax action activities 


Sometimes I find myself 

Rushing to my room 

Just to lay my naughty head 

On the soft pillow 

With my imagination,

Sprinting with thoughts of 

You, me 

Tè Amo


-Michelle Sithole

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