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Let’s watch a movie , an “imaginary” movie of my life

Date Written: October 3, 2017

Let's watch a movie , an "imaginary" movie of my life
I wrote many sad stories , now lets read happy lines

There is an actress who comes to my imaginations everyday
A girl Who plays romantic roles in my own created play

She knows bella dance and she danced without any break
I enjoyed when she moved her body in my own created steps

I never met but her melodious voice is on my mind everytime
She touched my soul when she sung in my oWn created ryhme

I fantasized a scene we are happily talking beneath the thyme
The wonderful garden in which I decorated the plants and stem

We set to the journey of passion and we promised not to part
Our real height is like eiffel tower as we exchanged heart

A beautiful girl has a strong chemistry with handsome Azeem
Azeem is enjoying his sleep and in love with her in a dream

When i woke up my eyes were red and my vision got blue
But I felt happy , one day my sweet dream will come true!

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