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The cuts of a girl

Date Written: October 16, 2017

The cuts of a girl 

Six feet beneath the soil 

Lungs clogged with no oxygen 

and she, she could not breath..

Her heart was filled with 

Seconds of nothingness and insecurities 


I came across this creature 


With bleeding eyes,

Her heart bled into cloths of fear 

Because, her useless self was not worthy

Bloody, sacked red eyes never 

Fooled the indolent, indoctrinated misogynist

That ..

Their friendly disguised misogyny 

Never waited a milli second 

To consume all the air inside her lungs 

Sharply, tearing her 

Tired, tarnished self .


That the organ between her legs 

Was a stop sign 

For men who need to

quench their testosterone thirst 

A collection of organs, green enough for guests 

But nobody is ever willing to settle down .


Progeny nor plaque 

Failed to stop them, because 

Of the over-given melanin in her skin 

The added nature in her hair 

To fix here and there 


It was often unpleasant of her to mention 

Her menstrual cycle in public,

Even to warn about day 14,

Because the reality of her body is too disgusting 


You told her that 

The monstrous anger in her tone 

Was like two rough metals, stretching 

On one another, irritating .

To tone down the ghetto nature in herself 




Perhaps if you toned down 

The critics in your modulated tone 

She would of had a much less 

Confining voice, more ravishing 


Your addition to the spitting 

Of her dark, rough pimpled skin 

Was the reason, 

She made use of the 

Recreational doing of her body 


To earn extra rands,

 bleach her skin 

and look like the yellow bone next door 

the one who consequently gave you goose-bumps


You see, your naughty wink 

In her mother's kitchen sink 

With her weak hands, removing 

Dirt, dish by dish 

Thoughts too deep 

Hoping you would appear or rather 

Be as clean as the dish 


Kept her hoping 

But, but you see that hope was like 

Missing a soul ones never met 

Totally impossible 


Making her feel like a promising 

Motor car with no engine 

Completely useless.


Michelle Sithole (Gabby)



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