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Date Written: October 11, 2017

A calm intensity with a jovial state

The arrogant scowl at foreboding nemesis

The death of dreams with truth

A reality of movement and substance

The desire to be whole with divided parts


A imposing figure

The love of life

A forgotten power

To tell the story of irrelevant


Moments in time


For the sanest crazy ever

A wild eyed madman

With a glint in the eye


A perfect representation of life

Compressed into ebony bliss


It is not enough to be alive

With wills of pure delight and wonder

Appealing to the saints of youth

The truth is a much more ugly thing


For the nonstop run to the top of the hill

Like gut wretched disease savored at elevated heights

To beam the discord so soon

What feeble truths we rely


Can you scream for me?

Will you?

I did not dream the nuclear dream

Or demand the glass half full

I lived for life itself.

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