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The Grandparents and The old-age Home

Date Written: November 9, 2017

Hey! My Friends, I did like to share,
And tell you that is not fair,
To those of them Who arealways there,
For us,and bring us up with care,
And give us love, kindness and joy,
And buy for us many toy,
But when we grow up( every one gets older),
Instead of standing shoulders,
With them,we send them away,
To an oldage home for they to stay,
Is not it our duty to care,
For those whom we are the hair,
Cause all we want is just the money,
The house and all that sweet as Honey,
Now has it own ways,
Now nature has its own ways,You are getting older,
Count your days,
And when they die we sad and cry,
Why did not we take care ?
And want it come as a shock to you,
Whose greatest fears have finally come true,
The door's you sent your parents through,
Are now wide open awaiting you!!!

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  1. Harish Kumar     November 9, 2017

    thank you

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