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The First Date

Date Written: September 19, 2017

She meets him for the first time,

She smiles 🙂 He smile 🙂

At start, they were too shy to even look at each other,

Then they make small talk,

Favorite food, favorite color, Cow essay,

A place he would like to go to.

It's a soft flowing evening,

The kind of the first date that is predictable and slightly conventional,

Even if he was looking away

She looks him very carefully

Her eyes were masked with inquisitiveness,

Her brows creased and lips parted.

He already knew, what she is going to say,

Will you keep this secret, she asked?

Sure, He said.

Hands shaken, chocolates  and hugs exchanged,

Ways parted with never-ending smile,

The pleasure of that smile remains

And they both smiled on the way back home!

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