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Death In Diner

Date Written: October 12, 2017


Death had it stroll

Bringing together friend and foe

To the table where nature feels the same

And the executioner facing his victim in shame


The past hunt us now

We remember to our country the vow

As we spear forward like dogs let loose

Mashing the farmlands in our blood filled shoes


We stirred to be heroes

To come home and show pictures

Of war moments

As we push ‘dear brothers’ in dark torments


Death lied to us in its good greed

Fed on both slave and free

For it refuses to remember not

The bargain we made in our huts


So he gathered us all in time

That we may make it to the dine

And remember the tact against the other


‘Come, let us eat now’

For tonight we dine

And tomorrow we die





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