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I Am Down This Thing

Date Written: October 12, 2017

Revived with the revolver

And players never loved their lover

Oh, Skipped my mind

Bullet in my head

But am not dead yet

I stand to put a stance with my lance

Of all I could bring from home

She doesn’t want me there

But the transformers want me back

For duel upon duel

Knocked down forty-six times

This one would make the seven

Am down this thing

Until it goes down

And never rise again

Am down this thing

Until I touch home

With blood all over

Of the transformer

And my loot

Be his revolver

Am down this thing

#talks about those things/habits you trying to quit…the only way to escape them is by understanding that they ain’t part of you, and make sure when they come knocking, you are ready.

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