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Date Written: September 29, 2017

Tell me not,

Grave and mourning

I was just passing through

A monochrome abyss


As time passes by,

Soon, we will, too

Our darkest mistakes and secrets

Have been watched by God throughout


Time is endless! 

A paradox you cannot see, 

One will always trail you

And one that tells the secrets within


Amazing, isn't it? 

How what it felt like days,

Already has been a decade?

And though time is moving, 

You aren't – paralyzed as the storm took 



A continuous sound struck,

Through the pure room

A lively and happy crowd

Now filled with despair 


Dying surely isn't painful

It is rumored to be felt like a pinch

But it gives misery and distress

To those who love and those who care


Our time is limited!

So make your's the best

For you might regret your time,

Holding a forlorn grudge inside

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