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Nothing is ever lost

Date Written: October 2, 2017

It took me a few tries and a few torn pages before I figured out the best way to say this.

This was inspired by The Lost Letters, by itsjustsonic.

Lie your head peacefully upon your pillow, allow yourself some rest. Allow yourself to dream of what once was, so that you can soon dream of something better. In the dark, you will always find the light.

As another sun rises, enjoy your coffee, and enjoy a light jog instead of running so fast. In the midst of trying to run, you might miss the "I love you, I miss you, you are my everything, and you are my future" that you are looking for. You might miss a good thing. It is only in that light jog that you will find true beauty, peace, and be able to capture true love. 

This is for the guy that loves to make cars look cooler… you dont have to forget the I LOVE YOUs, or how she made you feel. She was a part of your life and that was real. But thanks to her, you will once again feel that feeling you once felt, you will crack that smile, you will hear that laugh, and your heart will skip that beat.

For it is true love when two imperfect people can love each other for their beautiful imperfections.

1 of 4 – I miss you.

Heres to you, in hopes your lost letters soon find there way. 

2 comments on “Nothing is ever lost”

  1. sunburned     October 3, 2017

    saying I love you.

    1. Itsjustamyrose     October 12, 2017

      Am i, is that what it sounds like…? lol.

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