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Date Written: October 6, 2017

As I write countless letters. See endless hands holding. Endless hugs being given. Endless dreams being dreamed. I sit there just frozen on my bench, replaying movies in my head. 

And as I sit there and close my pen. And simply come to this conclusion..I may have been built to do amazing things, from creating things from thin air, to build things from the ground up….but love was not one of them….

I guess this is just the truth settling in. Or just lost thoughts finally escaping me. Or simply just so guarded I do not know the difference anymore. 

For I have given too much, felt too much, loved too hard, and dreamed too far for my own good. 

For a saying I haven’t heard in so very long started echoing oh so faintly. Love is better left to Disney and story books. 

Because the only thing it has ever taught me was people leave. 

2 comments on “Damaged”

  1. JessicaMars     October 7, 2017

    People leave so is the relativity of life – momentary and in its brief momentary beauty, celebrate love….Go find her for life is short, is what I mean. Loved this piece as I have felt so, often

    1. itsjustsonic     October 9, 2017

      Thank you for the kind words JessicaMars

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