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My Hallways

Date Written: October 2, 2017

My hallways are dark and long, with no sign or light.

As I walk and walk, I see no light, and blinded to see what's in front of me,

I continue to walk though these dark hallways, hoping to find my answers,

hoping to find a piece of myself I lost. Hoping to find my happiness again. 

I continue to walk through these dark hallways, and I just keep falling to the floor,

but yet still I find the strength to stand up and walk through the darkness of fate.

The hallways echo suffering, depression, sadness, and yet I still continue walking these hallways

hoping to find what I've lost. And yet I still find nothing, I hear fate laughing at me, I hear fate

taunting me, but yet I continue to walk through these hallways hoping to find what I've lost.

I will continue to walk these hallways until I reach my light, until than, I will walk.

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