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The Letter’s Lost

Date Written: October 2, 2017

The Letter’s Lost

As another sun rises, more of that loneliness feeling grows. I never thought I would be back to writing but there is so much gym I can do, so much wrenching I can do. I feel every inch of me aching…I’ve turned to you…to write as a means to escape from the world, my hopes, my dreams, my thoughts..

I think I can call this the letter’s lost. Lost in time. Lost in that feeling I once had. That smile I once cracked, That laugh I once heard, That heart beat skip I once felt.

While everyone looks forward to going to bed after a long day, I dread it. While others pray at night for a million things, I simply pray for one…to not dream. To not play back memories, play back smiles, play back words said, feelings shown. I pray to stay in blank, to stay in the dark, because that is where I find my peace. 

Another day I stand up drink my coffee, and go. My body feels it, forcing myself “go harder” “run faster”. For I wonder how much more my body can take?

For a guy that can find any part, any tech, do anything. Why is the simplest thing like I love you, I miss you, You are my everything, you are my future, so hard to get? So hard to receive? And now so hard to forget? 

For I am not perfect, and have my issues, but the one thing I can get right is I love you, I miss you, You are my everything, You are my future, and i can not wait to hold you.

Here’s to the letter’s lost, for I hope one day you find you’re way….

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