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Old lovers

Date Written: October 8, 2017

In the car

Both of them ,close.

The woman with a Dog is watching them 

I m watching them

They seem 

Indifferent, within the storm of fractured words bustling around their heads.

The two were silent for a while .

 an old  familiar something tries to shape ,attempting to fill the void and they listen to  each other's thoughts  I suppose and I see it coming to happen between them and I m lost in the  beauty of  two old ones with glasses and wrinkles entangled  at the corner of the street in the warm wet night in their white suffocating white car .

I barely see their lips moving .

Their Shirts blink white in the light of the lantern

Shirts are white

It's Saturday night and wet

Maybe They talk about love, kids or wives

 their words were  flushed  towards the windshield and then reflected back to their lips doubling the load of whispers ,imagined  in my brain .

The car is white just like their white shirts

But they kiss now and for being lost in the details  I  just I just I just missed that  moment .

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