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City Streets

Date Written: November 5, 2017


City streets, smokey skies above,

Dried up hearts thirsting for love, 

Frowning faces, chilly souls inside,

They never knew you and so you cried,

I'm lonely, God help me!


You've walked many a narrow street,

But a happy face you'll seldom meet.

Like stone statues they'd pass you by,

And with your heart in fear you'd cry,

I'm lonely, God help me!


The empty room in which you live, 

Holds no comfort there to give.

Looking out your window with a sigh,

And in the silence of the night you cry,

I'm lonely, God help me!


Who can you turn to or where can you go,

Is there someone around that you might know,

And then you sadly realize,

There's no one there and hang your head and cry,

I'm lonely, God help me!

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