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Keep going

Date Written: September 18, 2017
I can't take this anymore.
All this pain I can't ignore.
I don't belong, my life is all wrong.
I don't fit in,
I just gave in.
If I hear another "Just stay stong!"
I'm sorry mother but it's been to long.
She told me, "I know what it's like."
I yell at her, "How can you possibly know!?!?!"
She takes a deep breath, "I know what it's like, to want to end your life!"
I cry and and just let all the pain go.
I need to keep going, for her sake.
She's done this before,
I no longer have to be fake,
So now I can't ignore,
How I am feeling inside,
I have my hero by my side.
My mother will be there for me,
I need to stay strong,
I can now agree,
I do belong.
I chose to keep going, and not give up. I told my mother how I was feeling. She was able to help me and give me the support I needed. I mean, I do feel depressed still, and I can sometimes have suicidal thoughts still, but deep down I know that if I ever, ever, need help, my mother will be by my side through it all. So if you ever feel down, or stressed out, tell someone and I can guarantee that they will help and support you, if not either, then they can certinaly listen. 🙂 Don't suffer alone in the silence, don't give up, keep on going, keep living, tell somebody how you are feeling and it can impact you in a very positive way. <3

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