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Date Written: October 5, 2017

I wake up and Sun hits my eyes
A flutter of my eyelids
I capture fireflies

Each ray paves it way through to my brain to dictate my day it shines down to where I lay and I portray that on this day it'll play out how I want it too.


Exclaim it's true.


that all I knew or know is to do with the light that shines from me to you.
I don't need sunshine for that.
Our hearts and minds stick together already like the strongest industrial glue and to the few that doubt us… leave us.

Because lives and minds are built on trust and soulmate lines that define a true partner in crime that will stand the test of time.

Best friend of mine.

Let the sun shine.

Because when I define in a rhyme what I feel when I have a mountain to climb I take your hand and you climb with me.

No matter how dark or misty.

The road gets.

We twist and turn through a road that could easily burn and churn but learn to have each others back to make it.

We don't have to be silent and take it.

We have a future let's create it.

I look around people deceive, lie, cheat and steal and to me this creates a reality so real that I find it hard to deal
so I  turn to the doctor who prescribes me a pill and says deal with it until the medication takes my grip on reality downhill.

It's like a cure to kill.

Numbness ensues.

It's like a splitting fuse or placing my neck into the noose and letting loose until I fall into a forever slumber, a deadly truce.

But you're still with me, so I never lose.

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