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Date Written: October 5, 2017

Nobody likes to feel hurt, you know when your heart gets broken that kind of hurt or when you get cheated on I know that all you felt was hurt. I have felt that kind of hurt because I have been down that road a time or two. Left wondering what should I do. My mind saying he keeps hurting you so let it go. My heart is saying he hurt you…so you love him dont let this relationship go. My heart is steady breaking and your job was to fix my broken heart not keep ripping it apart. Apart of me wants to stay awhile the other part is screaming get out now before you have a child. Question is do I walk out of that door so I do not see you anymore. Decisions Decisions… What am I going to choose… I choose me and when I move on I will laugh at your face because on it is regret that I will see.

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